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John W. Rowe                     Jeffrey Pierce
Board Chair                         Campaign Chair

For more than 120 years, the MBL has been a catalyst for research and scientific careers in fields including embryology, neuroscience, cell biology and imaging, and longterm ecological research. The field of biology has already been shaped—and reshaped—by the work we do here. We understand that the future of the field rests squarely on our shoulders, and the prospect thrills us.

The MBL is positioned as no other entity to accelerate the pace of discovery. And the avenues of opportunity we face today are astounding: regenerative medicine and tissue engineering; the microbial world and its impacts on Earth and human health; biodiversity and the risk of species loss. The world needs inspired ideas, reliable evidence, and confident, well-prepared scientists. With your help, the MBL can answer that call. Thank you for sharing the MBL’s passion for scientific knowledge that will help humankind—and for considering what your role will be in helping the MBL realize its vision for the future.

Campaign Executive Committee

Jeffrey Pierce, Weston, MA (Chair)
Porter Anderson, Key Largo, FL
Sally Currier, Weston, MA
Richard B. DeWolfe, Westwood, MA
Paul R. Dupee, East Falmouth, MA
Margot Haselkorn, Chicago, IL
Charles Robertson, Rockland, DE
Charles M. Rosenthal,New York,NY
Jack W. Rowe, M.D.
, New York, NY
Christopher M. Weld, Essex, MA

Joan Ruderman,

MBL President & Directo
Pamela Clapp Hinkle,
MBL Director of Development & External Relations

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