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The MBL DISCOVERY FUND supports ALL research and education at the MBL, strengthening every aspect of our mission. It provides tuition support, course materials, and laboratory supplies for the many students and faculty participating in MBL courses each year. The Discovery Fund supports the MBL’s resident research centers, Whitman scientists, and a wide range of Fellowships—supplementing grants, investments, and other funding sources.

Give to the Discovery FundToday, the landscape of basic scientific research in biology is changing rapidly. DNA editing tools such as CRISPR offer new ways to answer the fundamental questions of life. New model organisms such as cephalopods and jellies offer new avenues of inquiry, helping to unlock the mysteries of tissue generation and neural growth. We are entering an exciting new era of biology, and the MBL is poised to lead the way! The MBL Discovery Fund ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of research and education in biology.

Your gift to the Discovery Fund gives us the flexibility to build courses and research programs, adopt new technologies, seed key strategic initiatives, and seize every opportunity to conduct groundbreaking MBL science. GIVE TODAY!


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