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It is sometimes good when your reputation precedes you. This must be true in the case of Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s decision to award $15 million to the MBL to renovate Loeb Laboratory, the much-loved but outdated research training building that brims each summer with students and faculty in the MBL courses. More >>>

Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center is an entity created by the Legislature to strengthen the state’s global leadership in the life sciences. Through strategic investments totaling $1 billion over 10 years, the Center is deploying the state’s Life Sciences Initiative, signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick in 2008. More >>>

Laura and Arthur Colwin

Like many scientists who are devoted to the MBL, the late Laura and Arthur Colwin were interested in the beginnings of things. The Colwins—who first met at the MBL in the early 1930s, fell in love and married, and returned to the MBL for nearly 70 years... More >>>

Shinya Inoué

A fateful conversation between two scientists at a popular Woods Hole watering hole may have first brought Shinya Inoué to Woods Hole and the MBL. One evening at the Captain Kidd... More >>>

Millicent Bell

Millicent Bell was a retired Professor of English at Boston University and the author of a number of books including Edith Wharton and Henry James: The Story of Their Friendship and Hawthorne’s View of the Artist, Meaning in Henry James, and Shakespeare's Tragic Skepticism.  Her book, Marquand: An American Life, was nominated for the National Book Award in biography and for the Pulitzer Prize. She made her home in Boston and Falmouth until her death in 2015. More >>>

Jack and Valerie Rowe

Former Aetna Chairman and CEO John W. (Jack) Rowe and his wife Valerie have been leading supporters of the MBL since Dr. Rowe’s appointment as the Chairman of the MBL Board of Trustees in 2006. At that time, the Rowe Family Foundation gave a record-breaking gift of $5 million, in honor of which the MBL's Rowe Laboratory was named. More >>>



"MBL's Loeb Laboratory has been the most important building in the country in the last 40 years for its impact on biological and biomedical sciences.”  

— former MBL course director and current Howard Hughes Medical Institute scientific officer Ed McCleskey




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