In the words of a former student, the MBL experience “is truly a scientific awakening, in which the curiosity of others is contagious.” Here, young scientists learn and contribute alongside the world's leading biologists in what many later say is a transformative, career-making experience. That MBL transformation—that catalyst—is powerful. When leading thinkers in biology convene to learn, teach, and do research at the MBL, they drive discovery forward. They engage one another and course participants in inquisitive studies that are changing the ways we understand the building blocks of life. In an instant, they move from “what if?” to “let's see.” Some MBL courses have become legendary rites of passage for emerging leaders; others are launching young scientists on paths of discovery that will bear fruit for decades. Scientists are the stewards of our future—and campaign giving can help sustain these flagship programs, ensuring more scientists are trained as MBL scientists: innovative, insistent, prolific.

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