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WHAT is Annual Giving?

Most kinds of philanthropy are restricted in some way —to a specific field, program, or research area— and cannot be used for the many shared or unplanned expenses in running a world-class research laboratory.

In contrast, Annual Fund gifts are unrestricted, immediately expendable resources that can be used to meet any program or operational expenses.

Your gift goes to work immediately to support or enhance the MBL’s core research programs, help us take advantage of new funding opportunities, or to pay for other necessities such as tuition assistance, supplies, or facilities maintenance.

Participation Matters Most

It’s true: every gift—no matter the size—makes a difference! There is strength in numbers. Annual Giving at the MBL accounts for over $1 Million in gifts. Much of this impressive figure is made up of gifts of $50, $20, and sometimes even $10 gifts, but they can add up to a large sum.

Foundations and government agencies from whom we seek grants often view annual giving participation as an indicator of a healthy institution worthy of additional support, so your participation is key!

Gifts to the MBL ANNUAL FUND are typically given each fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th), and are renewed annually by the donor.


It's flexible
Annual support can be used for any program, course, or operational need. Most grant funding is restricted in its use.

It's predictable
Your annual gift builds in a level of stability not often found in other kinds of support.

It's immediate
There are many operating expenses are not covered by grants, such as maintenance, repair, cleaning, heating and cooling. Annual giving supports them all.



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You can also give by phone at 508-289-7451, or by mail to:
MBL Annual Giving
Candle House 2nd floor
7 MBL Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543

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